Namibian Coffee Roasters

Inspired from the coffee tradition in Germany, Namibian Coffee Roasters founder Robert Sibold had the idea to start roasting for his family, friends and the guests of their Guestfarm.

In 2011 the equipment and machines where purchased in Germany and the roasting facility set up. The positive feedback and the lack of locally produced quality coffee brought up the idea to start a business providing locally roasted coffee beans to the Namibian market.

Namibian Coffee Roasters offers a well selected range of single origin coffees from around the world, Espresso and a filter blend specially created to meet local needs.

To increase quality and being able to provide the best coffee roasted in Namibia, we are assisted by the german specialty coffee roaster Michael Mrozek from Black Delight Kaffeerösterei in Hamburg. Michael has developed our blends and created our roast profiles and takes care for the quality control and the training of our staff.


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Our philosophy is to produce the best coffee roasted in Namibia that you can enjoy in your cup.

Nambian Coffee Roasters | P.O. Box 38 | Omaruru | Namibia | Phone: +264 81 621 3232 | Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.